Lindsay McKeighan

Philadelphian {} Designer

Bring Information & Function to the Surface.

Display spaces are increasingly fluid and you need to bring data intuitively to the surface. Through dedication to the design process and deep investigation into use cases, I develop clean solutions that get the right clicks.

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Browse environmental, responsive, CR optimization and data dashboard projects.

Braingility Responsive SEO Site

Braingility Brand & Website

I was involved in this brain training program, from product to MVC dev.


Stroll Environmental Designs

Wall graphics to support the internal brand messaging throughout the Stroll office.


Stroll Website

Designed and developed a responsive site to represent the company, while leading creatives.


Selvin Glass Website

A client of Lindenshade, Emily Selvin needed a site to showcase her work.


Transaction Chain Analysis

When a company needs to understand data, design can move mountains or money.


Pimsleur Approach

CR optimizations and UX solutions for a measurable impact on CM.


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